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Complete warship communication systems with embedded network solutions that provide legacy, current and future equipment sub-system integration, configuration, control and monitoring.

The performance of modern warships when it comes to communications is unquestionably of critical importance, since the accomplishment of tactical and operational tasks now greatly depends on the collection and distribution of information.

The increasing complexity of naval communication scenarios requires an efficient management of resources, as well as the capability to deal with fast, unexpected global changes which affect the whole communications environment. A high degree of automation and machine learning is thus required, due to the necessity, felt by navies all over the world, to minimise the number of skilled personnel

With the Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS) as the core sub-system that glues together all the on-board communications subsystems as well as the fully Integrated Communications System (ICS), which includes all the equipment required to establish different types of external and internal communication channels, EID positions itself as a supplier of cutting edge, high performance communication solutions, meeting the most stringent requirements of any type of warship.


Integrated Communications Control System

Designed and developed specifically to provide an effective communications management and automation tool for ships, therefore coping with the aforementioned trends. The participation of ICCS equipped vessels in real combat operations and in NATO joint exercises has proven its effectiveness in the most demanding of environments.

ICCS is a cost-effective, flexible solution for the management and control of on-board communications (internal and external) with a high degree of automation. It is suitable for all types of warships, from aircraft carriers and destroyers to LPDs, submarines and patrol vessels.

ICCS design is based on extensive know-how of naval operations due to the 30 years of experience EID has had in the field of naval communications.



    Integrated Communications System

    EID has vast experience and deep expertise in systems integration and engineering in the naval domain, capable of providing Fully Integrated Information and Communications Systems (ICS), including:

    • Integrated Communications Control System;
    • External and Internal communications subsystems,
      such as HF, VHF, UHF radio, satellite, data links, and other subsystems;
    • Systems engineering and onboard integration;
    • Integrated logistic Support;

      Training Systems

      EID’s naval simulators deliver effective training capabilities and ensure end users have the necessary tools and support for confident operation by sailors. The training simulators cater for efficient ongoing crew training, now and into the future.

      EID’s naval ICCS simulators can be broken down in two distinct levels of deployment: Training Aid Operation Simulator and Training Aid Hardware Simulator

      Training Systems

        Refits and Special Projects

        In the communications domain, there is always room for improvement. This is why EID has been consistently expanding on previous concepts and bringing new technology on board during the refitting process of their its operational years.  These adjustments in technology range from simple modifications to installed systems, to complete replacement of communication suites.

        As a trusted partner in the Defence market, EID has been supporting its systems onboard ships for more than 20 years, deploying new solutions and adapting the current ones, as well as ensuring that these platforms are able to run and perform missions in the most stringent of environments.

        Refits and special projects