Service & Support

Maintaining and enhancing capability through-life performance


At EID we don’t believe that our partnership with customers comes to an end when a programme or project is completed. As navy and army communications specialists, troubleshooting and problem-solving, we are ready to support customer maintenance needs 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Our team of engineers are able to fully recreate conditions at our HQ to solve challenges with military communication systems and naval communication systems, so that we can quickly and efficiently resolve the issue on-site.

EID’s service and support experts can also upgrade and replace hardware to improve system operation and extend the life cycle of communication technologies.

For more information, contact EID Services & Customer Support team who are standing by ready to maintain and improve capability reliability to ensure effective military and naval communications.

Through Life Support

Upgrade & Midlife Update

To maintain the operational effectiveness of our capabilities, EID can provide hardware and software upgradable solutions to help futureproof communication systems.

We have a dedicated team of experts who conduct on-site surveys to determine the ability for midlife or complete system upgrades. With expertise spanning equipment installation, cable planning and systems and sub-system integration, we can provide this service for existing legacy systems and communications systems provided by EID.

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After Warranty & Repairs

When a project ends and the equipment warranty expires, additional services are often needed to maintain the operation of an installed capability, such as new equipment installations, setting-to-work and support to HAT (harbour acceptance test) and SAT (sea acceptance test).

EID’s team are troubleshooting experts and able to enhance the performance of products and solutions and provide support for any operational or maintenance issues.

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Maintenance Training

EID offers various levels of training programmes to ensure that operators are confident in completing maintenance tasks. The training programmes are designed to provide the operator with the skills and knowledge to be able to troubleshoot and fault-find under operational conditions.

Our training programmes include:

  • Operator and Organic Level Maintenance
  • Intermediate Level Maintenance
  • Train the Trainer
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ILS & Maintenance Management

A key concern during design phase is the availability of recommended on-board and base spares to maintain the system until a mid-life upgrade is considered. At EID, we identify all the consumables and spare parts of a system and keep them in stock to be able to maintain customer systems quickly and efficiently. This effectively reduces the period which a capability is out of service for.

We also support our customers with maintenance contracts, providing in-service support throughout the life cycle of the system, maintaining its software, hardware and relevant documentation.

The services baseline which can be included in a maintenance contract are:

This maintains the software and hardware of each system to ensure that it retains its functional and operational capabilities, specification, availability and performance.

This ensures the system software works in accordance with the specified functionality. This involves the detection of software faults  and their correction.

During the execution of preventive and corrective maintenance activities, insight into each system’s performance, fault history, availability and general condition will be collected. This information, combined with EID’s experience and expertise, will be used to improve maintenance activities at all levels.

EID will assure hardware and software configuration management  to maintain a permanent up to date configuration control database for each system.

We investigate, identify and report obsolescence issues and offer solutions to overcome them.

For example:

  • Obsolescence issue: The acquisition of spare parts for OEM items that have been be discontinued by the manufacturer after a certain date.
  • EID solution: Replacement by a functional alternative, which EID will design and engineer.

We provide a responsive technical helpdesk service that will be available by telephone or email.

The helpdesk is available during 9 am – 6 pm (UTC +0) all year excluding Portuguese national holidays.

Contract management  enables EID to identify the actions, activities or supplies in scope of the agreement.

For more information on service and support, or to discuss your specific capability requirements, contact us for more information.

As an option, a reserved capacity component can be included on the maintenance contract baseline, and it offers development of new system software functionalities and capabilities, acquisition of new hardware parts or components plus all the new documentation updates.

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