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EID has a notable history in the development of military communications equipment as well as in the design and deployment of reliable tactical systems, extensively used in a variety of operations worldwide. Our close cooperation with end-users has been instrumental for the consistent enhancement of our solution.

EID’s continuously updated portfolio currently includes high performance compact personal radios, featuring voice, data and video streaming, suitable for squad operations, as well as for vehicular, naval and amphibious scenarios. It also includes Intercom Systems for all sorts of armoured vehicles and fast boats, future-proof Field Switchboards and Field Telephones that support services from analog telephony up to voice and data over IP. and highly secure, multi band software-defined Combat Net Radios.

Dismounted Soldier Systems

Fully digitized, its modular design enables operational flexibility and can be adapted to the varied situations and mission requirements of all infantry echelons, enabling the transmission of voice, data and video.

Additionally, it will be fully compatible with other communications equipment already in service, allowing a seamless integration with legacy systems.

Dismounted soldier system

    Tactical Vehicular Intercom Systems

    EID’s Intercom systems are the optimal solution for vehicular, shelter-based or specific maritime applications, enabling intercommunication among crew members and allowing access to radio equipment that provides voice and data communications, whether it be over the air, wire or ruggedized fibre optic cables.

    Personal wireless systems are also available; this means a crew member outside the vehicle can communicate with the on-board crew and even communicate through the radios installed inside the vehicle.

    Tactical Media Gateway

    EID solutions for communications of military organizations deployed in the field.

    The CD-116/IP Field Switchboard offers local communications between analogue and/or VoIP field telephones or data terminals, as well as their integration with remote users.

    Interfaces to Combat Net Radios and to analogue, ISDN and IP networks are part of the configurability options of the above equipment, allowing the integration of local users with remote organizations by means of tactical radios, IP, ISDN or even analogue networks.

    Personal Radios

    EID’s TWH Personal Radios are comprised of cutting-edge soldier radios, software tools and accessories that cope with the real needs of several tactical scenarios, providing communications and shared situational awareness to all soldiers, contributing to the effectiveness of the mission.

    The company supplies two series of the TWH Personal Radios: 100 and 110. Both possess compact, cost effective and military standards compliant transceivers that ensure secure and reliable voice and data communications for squad teams and higher echelons in many scenarios such as dismounted, vehicular, naval and amphibious operations.

    Combat Net Radio

    EID’s PRC-525 is a software-defined tactical radio, covering the 1,5 to 512 MHz frequency range, featuring fast frequency hopping, embedded encryption, GPS, ALE, Have Quick and IP data capabilities.

    Accompanying the radio, a wide range of accessories is available: single and double vehicular docking stations, consoles for remote operation, power combiners, transportable repeater stations and HF wire antennas.