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TWH-100 series Personal Radios

The TWH-100 series Personal Radio comprises state-of-the-art soldier radios, software tools and accessories that cope with the real needs of several tactical scenarios, providing communications and shared situational awareness to all soldiers, contributing to the effectiveness of the mission.  


The standard TWH-101R Personal Radio and the enhanced TWH-104R Personal Radio are compact, cost effective and military standards compliant transceivers that ensure secure and reliable voice and data communications for squad teams and higher echelons in many scenarios such as dismounted, vehicular, naval and amphibious operations.


Always looking ahead to the customer’s needs, the TWH-100 series Personal Radios complements EID C4I available solutions to the defence community. The Personal Radio family provides several tactical communication services, such as full-duplex voice conference, encryption, GPS reporting, e-mail, chat, file transfer and real-time video streaming.


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