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Flight Deck Officer communications

  • Simultaneous operation of internal and external circuits
  • Internal connections on the left earphone and external
  • Headset for noisy areas
  • Hand PTT

IP56 Loudspeaker

The IP56 Loudspeaker (IP56LS) is suitable for upperdeck installation and enables the broadcast of up to two audio inputs. It consists of an audio amplifier unit and an IP56 horn loudspeaker.


EAL310 Amplifier/Loudspeaker

The EAL310 Amplifiers/Loudspeaker enables broadcasting of two independent channels, one internal and one external. The sum of both may also be selected through the front panel switch.



Light and IP56 headsets with independent earphones (left-hand side for internal communications and right-hand side for external communications), microphone and PTT box with 2 volume controls (independent for right and left earphones) are available.


Hands-free set 

Heavy-duty PTT foot-switches, together with swan-neck microphones enable User Terminals hands-free operation.

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