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Surveillance and Homeland Security

EID expertise covers communications in general, surveillance and homeland security systems, combining technologies like radio communication, telecommunications systems engineering, data and voice networking, antenna fields, power supply arrangement, radars, AIS (Automatic Identification Systems), VTS/VTMIS (Vessel Traffic Services), command, control and communication management, both for defence and civilian markets. 


Operating alone or teaming up with other partners, EID offers turnkey solutions, tailored to the specific customer requirements and including not only the communications and information technology components of such solutions but also civil works and other specifically required services.

EID activity starts at the system definition phase, providing specialized consultancy to customers. Once the system is fully designed, the production, delivery, installation, documentation, setting to work and site acceptance tests are carried out to provide a fully operational system.


EID also takes care of the life cycle support to the systems supplied, namely maintenance services that may be provided on site, on call, 24 hours per day.



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