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Naval Communications Systems

EID provides state-of-the-art, high performance Fully Integrated Information and Communications Systems, meeting the most stringent requirements of any type of warship.

EID has a long-term experience as warship’s communications system integrator, which requires the provision of the overall system design and engineering, services and the full set of communications equipment, as required by the customer.


For this purpose, a wide range of technologies are mastered by our engineers: radio communications, telecommunications network management, communications systems engineering, software and hardware engineering, digital switching and transmission, rules and procedures of military communications, electromagnetic interference and compatibility, mechanical design to ensure compliance with shock and vibration military standards, definition of room layouts, antennae co-location and top-side arrangement.

With ICCS as the core sub-system that glues together all the on-board communications equipment, the Fully Integrated Information and Communications Systems include all the equipment required to establish the different types of external and internal communication channels, namely:

  • radios (covering all the necessary frequency bands), SATCOM equipment;
  • modems;
  • COMSEC equipment;
  • GMDSS equipment;
  • Public Address System;
  • Message Handling Systems;
  • Sound Power Telephones and PABX;
  • Wireless systems;
  • Data Networks.

Besides equipment/sub-systems selection and supply, EID carries out all the design and engineering activities required to provide a fully integrated, operational system. These include:

  • system-ship and inter-system interface design (electrical and mechanical);
  • power supply requirements, environmental aspects;
  • room lay-outs;
  • top-side antennae arrangement;
  • installation data and drawings, cable plans;
  • setting to work, acceptance tests;
  • integrated logistics support, cataloguing and quality assurance plan.

Most of the communications equipment is housed in consoles and cabinets specifically designed to cope with the severe space and environmental constraints prevailing aboard warships.

EID also supplies Fully Integrated Information and Communications System for submarines, which have to cope with specific and stringent requirements, such as:

  • Shock standard BV043;
  • EMI/EMC MIL-STD-461;
  • Airborne Noise Requirements;
  • Structureborne Noise Requirements.





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