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MOST4 Ships

MOST4 Ships is an Automatic Message Handling System featuring a comprehensive set of facilities aimed at reducing the overheads of traditional on-board message management tasks. Providing a substantial degree of automation, the system reduces the operator´s workload, thus minimising the likelihood of occurrence of operational and administrative mistakes. The reduction of the ship´s complement, as far as skilled communication operators are concerned, is also a significant benefit.

This system consists of one or more operator workstations, whose number basically depends on the size and operational role of the ship. A LAN enables information exchange among the various system workstations, as well as resource sharing. The interface to the ship’s data channels, whose number also depends on the specific type of ship, is provided through front-end processors. A graphical, enhanced user interface has been developed for intuitive operation and ease of training. MOST4 Ships features include: on-site reconfiguration, according to the prevailing operational requirements; upgrade ability, in terms of processing power and number of operator terminals; standard interface to other systems/networks; and compatibility with a wide range of industry standard hardware platforms, either commercial, ruggedised or mil-spec personal computers/workstations.

MOST4 Ships processes messages received and transmitted through the ship’s data channels, supporting the simultaneous operation of the following logical circuits: area primary broadcasts; TF/TG broadcast; inter-ship circuits; ship-shore circuits (HF or SATCOM); and shore-shore circuits, used when the ship is moored. In addition, there is also a general-purpose logical circuit that can be user-customised, so that the system operator can define the start and end of message sequences. Message acquisition and transmission is performed automatically, in accordance with ACP127 formats and Supplement 1 and Supplement 3 procedures. Circuit management and operation is assigned to one or more workstations, providing the operator(s) with the ability to control and monitor message transmission and reception.

STANAG 4406 compliant solutions can also be integrated in MOST4 Ships, fulfilling ship message requirements in a transition period from ACP 127 to Tactical MMHS.

The TerMSG4 Ships (Terminal Messages for Ships) a non-ACP127 message handling system is also available, where for each communication circuit the system operator may define the start and the end of message sequences.


MOST4 Ships architecture, with STANAG 4406 gateway




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