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Standards and interoperability
System highlights

MOST4 MMHS is a “fire and forget” type system that ensures:
  • A common operating environment for military communications in large networks, enforcing the formal messaging requirements
- Official addressing involving organisations and roles;
- User profiles featuring message privileges and responsibilities;
- Message processing dependent on precedence and security labels;
- Automatic message redirection to alternate recipients;
- Guaranteed time of delivery and handling according to message precedence.
  • Specific support for military organisations internal structures and procedures (the so-called workflow)
- Message drafting, review and release;
- Message Distribution based on SICs and other message attributes;
- Automatic official archiving at local and central levels.
  • Embedded security framework based on integrated PKI infrastructure, featuring:
- Strong authentication;
- Access control based on user profiles and clearance;
- Automatic keys/certificates renewal for users and servers;
- PCT and S/MIME protocols support;
- Secure connections using SSL/TLS.
  • Seamless integration with common desktop environments and user applications.
  • Interoperability with legacy telegraphic message systems (ACP127 and AFTN/ICAO).
  • Interoperability with low-grade e-mail systems.



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