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MOST4 MMHS provides complete military messaging support for strategic scenarios (fixed networks) and tactical environments, according to the prevailing NATO standards for military communications.


MOST4 MMHS solution for mobile units has a flexible architecture and comprises a set of modules designed to fit the tactical communications requirements of different kinds of ships, aircrafts and vehicles. The system modular configuration allows the best support for different ship sizes, number of users and communications protocols.
The seamless integration of MOST4 MMHS services over fixed and tactical networks provides a powerful communication capability among strategic sites and mobile units supported in STANAG 4406 Annex E and even when ACP127 SUPP-1 is still used. In this case, the ACP 127 Gateways offer the full capability of the proven EID solutions for ACP-127, now fully integrated in the MMHS environment.


MOST4 MMHS provides automated store and forward, writer-to-reader (desk-to-desk) messaging across organisations, with a comprehensive, secure and reliable capability to support operational and daily management tasks. A significant set of the system functionalities such as directory services, central archives, centralized and local system management, security and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) complement the message handling functions.

Resorting to state-of-the art information and information security technologies, MOST4 MMHS replaces paper-based messaging and legacy ACP127 systems. Its capability for transporting any data attachment, from text to imagery or even video, makes it easy to integrate message contents with desktop environments and office applications.


MOST4 MMHS is currently supported on Microsoft Windows® operating systems and includes a complete and dedicated infrastructure to cope with military messaging requirements. The system extends existent Windows services and components to provide administration features adequately integrated within the operational environment.


MOST4 MMHS architecture




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