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IC-201R RAP Radio Access Point

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The RAP Radio Access Point enables radio users with IP access to originate and receive addressed telephone calls to/from the H.323 VoIP network. Connections from a radio network to the IP network and vice versa are possible. The VoIP connections are managed from Gatekeeper COTS software running in a rugged computer. The RAP enables addressed call setup from the radio user to the VoIP network and vice versa; up to four simultaneous voice channels are available; the radio channel is dynamically allocated by the software and secured waveforms can be used, so privacy is guaranteed for each connection.

The mobile users must have an IP over the air (IPoA) capable radio connected to a data terminal (PDA or PC) running the RAP Peripheral Control software; the RAP is connected up to four radios for simultaneous voice connections; several radios, for different data IP networks, can be used to increase the available IPoA bandwidth. The RAP Central Control software runs on the same hardware as the ICC-201 IP Digital Intercom system, in standalone mode (IC-201R) or even concurrently with the intercom functionality, as an optional software package.



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