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IC-201G GRIP Radio-VoIP Gateway

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The GRIP Radio-IP Gateway provides to the radio users the ability to establish calls from the tactical network radio terminals to standard IP phones; symmetrically, the IP phone users can establish calls to the tactical radio net. Call status information is available by voice prompts.

The equipment allows the integration of VoIP network communications with up to four radio networks. Each radio user can select one free channel to setup a call or predefined channel for call reception (note that calls have no privacy). The system is compatible with DTMF dialling capable radios and also with radios without such feature, in which case the calls are directed to a predefined operator phone.

The radio PTT is controlled by speech detection or via DTMF dialling from the IP phone. Call release can be selected either by the radio or the IP phone user; it will be also performed after a certain period of inactivity, this timeout being able to be extended by both call partners.

The system uses SIP protocol and is interoperable with SIP phones using a SIP Registrar, such as Asterisk and Cisco CMA solutions. The GRIP software runs on the same hardware as the ICC-201 IP Digital Intercom system, in stand-alone mode (IC-201G) or even concurrently with the intercom functionality, as an optional software package.



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