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ICC-201 IP Intercom System

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The ICC-201 IP Intercom System is an hardware infrastructure and software applications suite that allows local communications among crew members of armoured vehicles, small vessels or shelters and their access to radio equipment. Voice and data communications are supported, either over the air, standard copper and optical fibre cables.


For vehicles where space is at a premium and IP technology is not a requisite, but advanced features such as noise cancelation, voice priority over data and radio remote control still to be required, EID designed an alternative solution, the ICC-251 Compact Digital Intercom System.

The ICC-201 supports  voice, data, radio remote control and features active noise cancellation for high quality voice intercom in very noisy environments, being compatible with several existing combat net radios.


The ICC-201 also features Ethernet switching and, as an option, embedded IP routing capability. System configuration and upgrade is easily carried out through a flexible, user-friendly software management tool.


A grahical user console is also available, featuring user interface with system status report, online features activation and VOIP operation. The application runs on the optional embedded computer of the ICC-201 or any external rugged data platform.


A variety of user terminals is available, ranging from commander and crew terminals to dual-user and wireless ones. Headsets with active noise reduction and wireless headsets are provided for the most demanding applications. An active and efficient 15W loudspeaker for communications monitoring without the need to wear headsets completes the ICC-201 range of accessories.



Typical vehicle communications system based on ICC-201




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