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MA-250 Antenna Multicoupler

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The MA-250 Antenna Multicoupler allows two 50W VHF transceivers to share the same antenna, thus reducing the number of required antennas in radio communication systems. The MA-250 is based on wideband VHF coupling rather than on frequency filtering, so the only restriction concerning frequency allocation is a 10% minimum frequency separation for a minimum cosite rejection in the power amplifiers.

Whenever antennas with VSWR 2:1 or higher are used, the MA-250A variant shall be used to keep the operation of the power amplifiers safe. The MA-250A causes greater attenuation, but, on the other hand, increases isolation between the two transceivers connected to it. An emergency direct connection is provided for one of the connected transceivers, bypassing all multicoupler circuitry.



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