EID selected to be a design partner for the Integrated Communications System for the Royal Navy new Type 26 Global Combat Ship

Published 24 September 2013

On the 11th September at the DSEi exhibition in London, BAE Systems, being responsible for the platforms overall systems integration, publicly announced that Rohde & Schwarz was selected to carry out the design of the communications system. Consequently, EID will be a significant partner in this demanding project.
EID will configure the latest ICCS (Integrated Communications Control System) generation to the specific requirements of the Royal Navy, and customize the design to include the implementation of multiple security levels and integration into a platform Shared Network Infrastructure and Computing Environment. 

EID is an experienced provider of naval communications systems, having equipped more than 100 naval vessels worldwide, among which are existing UK platforms. The Royal Dutch Navy, the Spanish Navy, the Royal Australian Navy and not forgetting, closer to home, the Portuguese and Brazilian navies have most of their ships equipped with ICCS. 
EID is now actively involved, together with Rohde & Schwarz and BAE, in the work packages needed during the Design Phase and look forward to entering into a production contract on successful completion of this phase.