EID and IMBEL - A strong cooperation

Published 27 April 2011

EID signed with IMBEL – Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil, a company linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, a cooperation agreement aiming at the local production of ICCS (Integrated Communications Control System) components for the Brazilian Navy warships. The signing ceremony took place on the 14th of April, at EID’s stand, during the LAAD 2011 exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.
With this agreement, both EID and IMBEL intend to comply with the Brazilian authorities plan to increase the national content and technology transfer to local companies related to imported defense systems.
EID was already selected to supply ICCS for the Barroso corvette, the Macaé and Macau patrol vessels and for the São Paulo aircraft carrier, which clearly demonstrates the Brazilian Navy satisfaction with the system performance. EID was also contracted to perform the communications system integration of those ships, ranging from radio communications equipment to the antennas and internal communications.
EID is a strong, worldwide player in the market of warship communications, being a regular supplier of several navies.  Portugal, Spain, Holland, the United Kingdom and Indonesia also stand out among our ICCS customers.